It’s great to have you here!

Chances are that you landed on this page because we may do some work together, you were exploring my background, or we just had a meeting about one of my favorite topics:
♢ Blockchain/DLT
♢ Tech for good
♢ How to be of benefit to the world

Whether we discussed it directly or not, I’d like to let you know about an experiment I’m conducting: pass-it-along gratitude. The idea is simple — (TL;DR:) if our interaction created value or was helpful to you, you do a small beneficial something (for me or anyone else) as a way of saying, “Thanks!”. It’s a way of testing out informal gift economies

Some examples:

  • Sara, a college sophomore who asked for information on what it’s like to work with Doctors Without Borders, is going to volunteer for a day at a senior care center as a way of both exploring working in healthcare and of paying the assistance forward. 
  • Karen, a retired philanthropist who wanted to learn more about grassroots development projects, made a handful of donations to initiatives we discussed
  • Pat, a software engineer interviewing with a crypto company who wanted to learn more about the leadership’s reputation and track record, tipped in bitcoin. 
  • Dean, a board member for a nonprofit implementing entrepreneurial training in Rwanda and Uganda who wanted to learn more about accepting donations in cryptocurrencies, is now advocating for crypto-for-good and helping spread the word about digital cross-border payments. 

I get to meet with all sorts of fascinating people (hopefully, such as yourself :) from all over the world, and many of our conversations include what awesome outcomes will come of the interaction, but sometimes I don’t know what happened after our talk and those ripple effects go unseen. This experiment is to collect and disseminate snippets of the value we are creating for and with each other every day. 

In this time of great change and an era when we are inundated with negative news,  it’s important we keep stock of the good that happens — in way more abundance than the bad. 

I hope you’ll contribute to this experiment! You can comment on this post, send me an email, or simply drop a ‘thanks’ into the gift bucket below — all proceeds go to helping another for-good cause. 

Gift Bucket

You’re awesome!! 

This is the gift bucket. Any ‘thanks’ given here will go to furthering the mission to help and ripple outward. 

BTC: 1L9ZpubekocCjGHNv4HPiF5QwBujAVfCLL

Venmo: @Shannon-M-Ewing


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